Twin Pregnancy: The Birth Story

After hauling the munchkins around for 36 weeks, an ultrasound showed twin A was breech and I was scheduled for a cesarean section on August 8th. We went home to wait the two days for the operation. I wasn’t nervous. I couldn’t imagine being pregnant for another minute, so as scared as I was of a c-section, I was also glad it was going to be over! I had an outpouring of support from friends, many of whom had had c-sections and offered advice and kind words. All the research I had done on natural birth, breath work, visualizing, all went out the window as we lined up help for the first two weeks in case I couldn’t move for that long. We packed our bags and went to sleep on the 7th, ready or not to meet our children.

August 7th, 2012 - ready to meet the littles!

August 7th, 2012 – ready to meet the littles!

We arrived at the hospital, along with about 20 of our friends and family, fully prepared to get cut up!


August 8th – let’s get the show on the road!

I was prepped, had the IV in, consult with the anesthesiologist, one more internal from my OB (ouch!) and then they decided to do one more ultrasound….

…and discovered twin A was head down, ready to come out naturally! The nurses and midwife all assured me that they would get them out that day anyway, maybe try to induce me. Once nurse promised, “you’re not leaving here without those babies!”

Well, my OB reviewed the ultrasound and sent me packing with explicit directions to let them cook a bit longer!

Out came the IV, bags back in the car, family and friends sent home and I had a good cry trying to imagine one more night of sleeping with those babies crushing my ribs, pelvis, lungs.

We were scheduled for another ultrasound in 2 weeks, hoping labour would start naturally.


At 38 weeks my OB did a stretch and sweep (OUCHY) but nothing happened. The babies were moving around like crazy, no need to watch the clock and count movements as my doctor suggested. Each day felt like an eternity and every night I wondered how I was going to make it until the morning. I started feeling a lot of Braxton hicks contractions, but nothing that stuck.

Finally, at 39 weeks minus one day, we went back for another ultrasound and…Little Miss A was breech again! The ultrasound technician couldn’t believe it. Babies rarely move this late in the game, let alone twins! As we waited to see the OB, we could hear him making the appointment for the c-section. It was scheduled for the next day.

This time we knew the drill. In a way, it was nice that we had the trial run to work out the kinks. We knew where to park and which elevators to take. There was no question that we would meet our babies today!

August 24, 2012 - Here they come!

August 24, 2012 – Here they come!

I was led into the operating room and they sat me on the table. I was pretty nervous, but I sort of went into a dream state. Things become very surreal. The anesthesiologist was really nice and all the nurses were excited to be delivering twins. The worst part was putting in the spinal, I think she missed the first couple of times! Then I lay down and they strung up the curtain. The operating room was a bit of a circus, there seemed like 100 people in there, doctors, nurses, students. Finally my husband was ushered in, looking pale and more nervous than me. Looking back I realize how high I must’ve been, because I remember worrying if he was okay, not thinking about how I was being cut open at that moment.

In fact, all I was thinking about was waiting for the cries. Finally, my OB announced baby A is out, and I heard a few short wails. Two minutes later, baby B was born, screaming his head off. My husband was allowed to cut the cords away from the placentas, and they were weighed and checked over by the doctors. Baby A, our little girl was 7lbs 12oz, and my screaming little boy was 6 lbs 6 oz. They finally swaddled them and brought them over for me to see for the first time.


And there they were. Our little girl was given the name we had picked out weeks ago – Thea Rose. And our boy’s name was only decided on after we saw him – Jude Joseph. Steph was allowed to go with the babies out into the waiting room were our family was, and I was stitched back up and whisked off to the recovery room.

My blood pressure was acting funny, and they kept changing the machines because it was so wonky. Finally I asked to hold my babies, and my blood pressure stabilized. Mama needed her babies!

My recovery was great, three days in the hospital and then we were all sent home. I was popping Tylenol and Advil around the clock, and my movements were very slow, but for all my fear of the surgery, it wasn’t so bad. Sitting up from lying down was difficult, and frankly I didn’t move much for the first week.

And then there was the breastfeeding, but I’ll leave that for another post!

And there you have it in a nutshell. One minute you’re pregnant, and the next you have two kids. For all the books I read on birth, I sort of wish I’d picked up one on parenting!

Because that’s the real adventure.

Me, Thea and Jude, together at last!

Me, Thea and Jude, together at last!

Thea and Jude

Thea and Jude


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I live in Ottawa, Canada with my husband and our twins. I work for the Public Service, and I have been a vegetarian for 18 years. Over the years, I have started to understand that what we eat effects us, through mood, weight and positive thoughts. I am working towards cutting most animal products from my diet, in an attempt to live a life of compassion, and to do what I can to help this small planet of ours. I also love letting people know that the secret to happiness may be as simple as what we put in our bodies. View all posts by Sarah Tombler

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