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Adjusting to life after work

I have been working since I was 12 years old. That was the year I took a babysitting course, and started working my street making 5 dollars an hour watching other people’s kids.

So I must admit, now that all the laundry is done, the baby room set up, and 3 trips to Ikea behind me…I’ve started wandering my house like a lost puppy.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a million things I could be doing. Frankly, our house is an explosion of baby things, boxed things and lord-knows-what things; but I just don’t know where to start. I’ve never had this much time at home before. And with living on a construction site right now, it’s not like I can easily hang out outside to enjoy the beautiful June weather.

At my last ultrasound appointment the babes weighed in at 3 1/2 lbs (little girl) and just above 3lbs (little boy). That’s 6 1/2 lbs of baby in me! If it was just one, it would be ready to come out! I feel heavy heavy heavy. I am watching as my belly gets closer and closer to the steering wheel everytime I get into the car. My maternity tank tops that I bought a few months ago (where the sales person swore they would fit me for the whole pregnancy) are becoming a bit of a struggle to fit over my belly. The little ones wiggle around like they are practicing their dance moves (entirely posssible, since I have a feeling they will take after their father in the dance department).

To sum it all up, I am in a third trimester low. I cannot foresee how I am going to make it 2 more months. I have not been religious about going to prenatal yoga, even though I know this is something that makes me feel better. So tonight I will get back on that horse, and hopefully it will pull me out of my funk.

I promise a picture tomorrow to back up my claims of enormity!


Sarah xo


Moments when I know it will all be worth it

My pregnancy has not been easy, and I hope it doesn’t come across as whining ALL the time…but I do actually have moments when I know it will all be worth it.

On Sunday (through pouring rain and a generally miserable day) I went to Chapters and bought myself some novels – I’ve been so focussed on pregnancy and parenting books, I’m feeling a void in my life where fiction once lived! I was standing by a wonderful table selling books about hobby farming (THE DREAM), when a little boy and his mom walked by, fresh out of the kids section, carrying a few choice books. The little guy was probably about 3 or 4, with glasses and way of speaking which seemed beyond his years. Here is the conversation I was priviledged to overhear:

Mom: Are you okay?

Boy: Well, no. My underwear are really stuck in my bum.

Mom: (laughing, realizing I’ve overheard this) Ok, let’s stop by the washroom first then!

I smiled as the mom steered the little guy towards the washroom. I think the mom was as happy that someone overheard this as I was listening too it.

Sometimes, your underwear just gets UP there, you know?

It will all be worth it.



Twin Pregnancy: Week 27 Update

Twin pregnancy: Week 27

If I can make it through today, I am officially going to part-time next week! Which means afternoon naps!!!

The little ones definitely have identifiable awake and asleep times, which don’t always correspond with mine. Little Boy has been particularly active, which I’m hoping means he’s trying to get himself into the correct position!

I haven’t been writing much about food, because I honestly haven’t been cooking much. I snack ALL THE TIME, but standing for an hour in the kitchen does not appeal to me right now. With the nice weather we’ve been having, however, The Husband took it upon himself to do a bit of barbecuing. He made some basmati rice, with veggies and spice added to it while cooking, and grilled up some local asparagus, and Gardein Chick’n, which a spicy rub from a Jamie Oliver dressing. A TAD on the spicy side for my preggo liking, but tasty non-the-less! And local asparagus! Oh how I have missed you!

Gardein Chick’n, asparagus, rice, avocado on top!

Topped with avocado to help fatten up the little ones, this was a great first barbecue of the year! Sleep is getting to be quite sparse, since no matter which side I sleep on, my belly seems to be pulling on my back muscles, or my hips start to hurt. I have been feeling some Braxton Hicks contractions too, nothing to worry about, but they’re there.

I’m almost finished my Birthing from Within book, and I’m excited to share my thoughts on that. I can’t believe next week I enter the third trimester. I’m caught in a place where I want time to slow down (before life changes forever!) and speed up (so I can finally meet the monkeys!) at the same time. 

Happy Friday, I hope wherever you are you’re having a better weather weekend than here! (Rain rain, go away!)