Vegan MoFo #7 – Fast Food, Good Food

Vegan MoFo

I have to admit something. It’s something very scary to admit, when you write a food blog. Here it is…I don’t really like to cook.

Yep, there it is. I said it. I would definitely never describe myself as a chef, I don’t thrive on dinner parties, or even pot-lucks. If I lived in Toronto or New York and had the money, I would eat out at every meal.

However, as I became more educated about processed food, it became more clear that I needed to learn my way around a kitchen. And to keep me from losing my mind, I needed to learn how to make quick, simple meals, that were nutritious and not labour intensive!

And so I would like to introduce to you what I hope will be a re-occuring section of my blog, sharing my recipes (again, like the smoothie, it’s more of a method) and pics of good, fast food.

The first recipe I’m going to share is one I started working on years ago, and (I think) has been perfected over-time. I call it Pasta What-What, my cousin calls it Pasta Mish-Mash, either way it’s delicious.

I use brown-rice pasta, spirals seem to work best, and it can be found in almost any grocery store now. Put this on to boil in about double the water as the pasta. While the pasta is cooking, start emptying your refridgerator. My go-to items are tomatoes; peppers; olives; walnuts or hemp seeds or even sesame seeds; lentils or black beans; and maybe some greens if you haven’t been having your morning smoothie! Once the pasta is ready (I recommend a taste-test, and be careful, the noodles can go soggy really fast with brown-rice pasta!), drain it and put it into a big bowl (I use my smallest sized serving bowl). I add the lentils or beans, then the rest of the veggies. My dressing is a combination that works for me, but if you don’t love the taste of vinegar, or you prefer and less flavourfull pasta, feel free to create a sauce that works for you! Mine looks like this (more or less, depending on what I have in my cupboards):

  • 1 tbsp tahini
  • 1 tbsp dijon mustard
  • 2 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • 2 tbsp apple cidre vinegar
  • drop or two of sesame oil
  • salt and pepper to taste

 That’s about it. I usually mix it all right into the salad. The mustard/tahini gives it a creamy texture, and the vinegar and nutritional yeast give it a cheesy zing. I’m serious, throw anything in there, it always tastes good! I’ve used chopped up veggie burgers, or fried tofu. I’ve used artichokes, or grated carrot. Toss in an avocado if you really want things to get creamy.

It’s not the most elegant meal, you might not want to bring this one to the next work pot-luck where your co-workers are dying to know what you eat, but it’s one of my favourites at home. And it only takes 20 minutes to prepare. If that keeps you away from the drive-thru at Harvey’s, then it’s a winner in my book. Confession: I often make this meal when my husband is having Kraft Dinner (which isn’t often, I promise!). For some reason, it fills the craving, and keeps me away from the floresent orange call of KD.



About Sarah Tombler

I live in Ottawa, Canada with my husband and our twins. I work for the Public Service, and I have been a vegetarian for 18 years. Over the years, I have started to understand that what we eat effects us, through mood, weight and positive thoughts. I am working towards cutting most animal products from my diet, in an attempt to live a life of compassion, and to do what I can to help this small planet of ours. I also love letting people know that the secret to happiness may be as simple as what we put in our bodies. View all posts by Sarah Tombler

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